Brahma-Atmavidya (Pratham Pravaha)

This is a treatise which contains the compiled realized and revealed messages of Sri Sri Babathakur. The book is divided into four parts named as waves by the Master Himself. The parts/chapters bear no names but the waves have titled sections. The contents are mind-flushing and heart-rending. The first wave starts with the ‘true identity of Sri Sri Babathakur’ as told by the Master Himself. Thus then are sections spread all over that explain the object of birth of a man, essence of action, divine disposition and self-effort, about dharma, Bhajan and singing glory of God, evolution, life and vitals, Yoga-meditation-trance, about the Avatars, essence of devotion, identity of the Supreme Self and many many others. Sri Sri Babathakur’s advice to all is ‘Be sincere to your own Self’. He told, ‘suffering is the best teacher’, ‘Expectation of pleasure is the house of sorrow’ and many such gems There is a chronology in the presentation as followed by the compiler not on time-basis but on the subject basis— gradual unfoldment of the essence of the Self has been the motive behind.

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'The ever-revealing nature of I-Reality take the form of life as a medium for Its own sake. In and through this life I-Reality spontaneously reveals and unfolds Itself with all Its truth, light, bliss, love, peace, beauty and the rest. There is no end of Its revelations. Innumerable creations are like divine beads in a garland and I-Reality is the eternal string without which no bead like creation can exist and expand.'

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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