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Most of the books published by the Society are in Bengali. Titles such as Viveksiddhi, Gurutattva Gurubad Gurubani (Vol. I & II), Tattvalok, Swajnanugrahasudha, Paka Aami O Kancha Aami, Atmasutra (Vol. I & II), Smritigantha (Vol. I & II), and Pariciti are noteworthy among many others. Apart from the eternal teachings and messages of the Divine Master some of these books are kind of biography / memoirs about the Master e.g., Smritigantha and Pariciti.


The treatise ‘Viveksiddhi’ is divided into three parts wherein the science of self-luminous ‘Viveksiddhi’ has been delineated. Its contents give direct perception of the essence of the eternal monism. One aims to reach truth by starting to search for It in a systematic manner. Sri Sri Babathakur has clarified that ‘Viveksiddhi’ is the attainment of the science of intelligence. Once this is attained, Truth is realized wholly.
Conscience blooms when one is keen to realize ‘God’ and this is what is called ‘Vivek’. The major step to have that realization is to get acquainted with this science of Vivek and its significance. The significance has also been overly clarified through the discussion of the realized essence by the Divine Master.

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Over two hundred spiritual songs of Sri Sri Babathakur has been compiled in the two parts of this treatise. Worship of the Supreme self as Mother is very old culture in Bengal. Along with this worship, songs to sing Her glory are only too natural. It has been clearly stated in the Vedas and the Puranas that worship of the Mother and worship of the Supreme God are not different. In the songs of this treatise ‘Matritattva’, the idea of adoration of the Mother as God of a Self-realizer devotee of the Mother has been instilled.
This realization of Mother as God is to a large extent different from the conventional concept of the worship in the time of the Tantras, and, in the songs compiled in this book this new concept is well established.

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Tattvalok Vol-I
Tattvalok (Vol-I)

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In the four sections of this huge volume self-realizer Sri Sri Babathakur has spoken elaborately on the characteristics of the essence of Truth (Tattva). He has said that Tattva is Saccidananda whole eternality and power, Self-perception, grace, realization, cause, effect, space and time. Tattva is behind everything — Tattva is at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. In this entire creation one who knows this Tattva is called Tattvavid— the knower of Reality. Sri Sri Babathakur discussed the differences that appear to exist due to differences in viewpoint and at the end unfolded the true nature of the knower of Reality in the light of the realization. In this discussion several issues of general and religious interest have cropped up which He classified with ease.

Those who want to know what Absolute Truth is they have to read this treatise.

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Tattvalok (Vol-II)

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This treatise is the second volume published in the year 2011. The matter of this title has its source from various discourses delivered by Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur.

The whole matter has been arranged in four parts, each part having detailed analysis of various important spiritual topics. All the discourses of the Master were revelations after His direct experience and total identity with the Eternal Truth as I-Reality. The principle of non-dual reality is the essence of this book. The reader will be enlightened and encouraged to know their real identity by reading this title and reflecting on the same.

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During the discourses given by Sri Sri Babathakur after His return from the spiritual trances, spiritual songs were also revealed to Him which He sang spontaneously — some of these songs have been compiled in this treatise arranging them in the order of the ontological essence (tattva) they belong to.

Songs are fountain springs of spiritual feeling — this is amply proved by these songs. About a thousand songs, in nineteen tattvas, have been included in this book by mentioning the ragas and taal in each case. Sri Sri Babathakur has said that the easiest way to establish connection with the Lord of the heart is through spiritual songs (bhajan). Bhajan awakens the inner perception of a seeker.

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‘Wisdom Absolute is self-luminous and is the only knower of Itself. Supreme Divine Being has no other knower but Itself. It is absolutely free from the sense of duality. It is self-sufficient and self-evident.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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