Leelamoy Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur – Compilation by Tushar Bhattacharya

This treatise embodies the manifested identity of Sri Sri Babathakur in action field alongwith His usual dalliance in knowledge domain. Ardent devotee of the Master Sri Tushar Bhattacharyya accompanied the Master when He travelled North Bengal to demonstrate action-based spiritualism. Sri Bhattacharyya kept note of the proceedings as also His deliberations and interactions with others all along which He put down between the covers for presenting to the people at large. The treatise is divided into five segments. The first segment depicts the stay of the Master at Siliguri (Burima’s house) and the activities there including Satsang, visit of the team headed by the Master to a philanthropic unit and His usual public relations. Segment two covers visit to Golabari, cultivation activities of the Master there and His explanation correlating such activities with spiritualism. Local folk culture was a part of the interaction there. Sri Sri Babathakur’s visit to jungle area Panjhora near Golabari and associated activities are reported in segment three. Segment four is designed to cover the activities of the Master after is return from Golabari. Segment five, however is a different presentation. The Master visited Thane near Mumbai where He stayed with Tapas Rajderkar and family. There His role was completely different.
Sri Bhattacharyya has given extensive coverage and quoted the Master as often as possible for keeping the mundane activities supported by the Master’s spiritual dialects. The book thus becomes a pleasant reading yet not missing the flavour the Master provides all the while.

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‘The whole universe as it appears is verily revealed by the Self and none but the Self alone is in the Self, of the Self, from the Self, for the Self, by the Self, with the Self, to the Self, on the Self forever as it were. Consciousness or Bliss or ‘I’ may be put or applied in place of Self.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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