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We are glad to bring to your notice that our website is now largely updated. This update will enable us to post content more regularly and in a way present a more interactive environment. New/improved sections included are Video Gallery, Audio Gallery, Blog, Commenting Systems etc. All the Publication categories i.e. Books, Audio, Video and Magazine are updated with new content. The Video Gallery section now holds episodes from popular TV program ‘Swayam Se Sakshatkar’, new Bhajans are also available for online listening in the Audio Gallery Section.

Many pages like Publications, Gallery, Blog are now accompanied by a useful right pane having links to categories, tags etc. for quick and easy navigation.

Reading Room and Event Page will soon be updated with lot more reading materials and events.

You are requested to post your feedbacks, comments, queries to us via Contact Us Page.  General suggestions or any other observations can also be posted as a reply to this post.

Warm Regards,

Web Team, SS


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  1. admin Post author

    The Reading Room section of our Website is now updated for all the three sub-sections— Bengali, Hindi and English.

    Warm Regards,
    Web Team, SS


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- Sri Sri Babathakur

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