Paka Aami O Kancha Aami

This is a treatise in Bengali dealt on the essence of ideas and consciousness. There are sixteen chapters which are called Vichar (inferential judgement) by the Divine Master. These sixteen anecdotes are actually sixteen deliberations made by the Master at New Delhi, Kalibari in 2001 and 2002. Every deliberation was preceded by a short speech by a ‘mover’—all these speeches have also been included in a separate section in the beginning from which the readers may get the overall perspective of the deliberations made.

Essences of Ideas and consciousness are approximate translation of the essence distributed here, it may be called essence of I. The Master said ‘I’ exists eternally, I is the I of all others I’. The chapters do not have any title heads, neither the chapters have separate titled sections but each chapter has dealt with specific essence such as the first chapter has considered the analysis of I-external as also internal. The second chapter gives the impression of ‘self-hypnotized’ self which needs be overcome. It should be mentioned that through all the sixteen chapters gradual unfoldment of the essence of I-Reality has been made. Since these are collection of deliberations each chapter starts with a revealed song which essentially is the gist of the deliberation made. It is a relatively large volume and has included the Master’s revealed speeches wherein, besides essence of truth, anecdotes of interest and prescription for living a life of grace are included.

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‘He who wants to kill himself, a pin is enough for the purpose but to kill a lot of people sufficient weapons are needed. Similarly, to realize who am I, self conscious awareness is enough but for the realization of the truth of entire universe and the beyond, consciousness of the oneness of Brahman and Atman and vice-versa, is a must.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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