Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur

PSSBTTo venture, even to attempt, to make a sketch of a perfect divine omniscient Master like Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur would only be a rendition of ignorance, since qualifications or attribution of any kind would be tantamount to objectivising the subject itself, limiting the infinite, dividing the firmament and the like, and would be in vain. Hence, instead of daring any such endeavour all that one can contemplate is recapitulate some of His oft repeated dictum and phrases from which it may be possible to discern to some extent the essence of His sayings which is the underlying Truth behind His words and message, and may even give a glimpse of His ‘missionless mission’ and life.

The following paragraphs contain a few excerpts from the utterances emanating from the lotus lips of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur on particular occasions which might be of some value for getting enlightened about this all-Divine Master.

‘Only the father and the mother knew the secret and sometimes they experienced something which they did not express or tell others. Once this life unfolded, from that very early state, it could experience the innermost Divine like a matured one, though outwardly it behaved in a normal way.’

‘Anything disagreeable, it would declare that it would not take any food—once uttered, this would continue for days. These early childhood traits were exceptional and this,’ according to the all-Divine Master, ‘helped in course of subsequent spiritual sadhana when the body subsisted without food for days.’

‘In early life there were several spiritual experiences which people could not understand but enjoyed. This life was fully conscious of the purpose, though it did not disclose it to others.’  ‘Bhagvat bhajan, chanting and singing of divine names and glories were the only food of life at the early stage and it could stay in such environment without any food, rest etc.’

‘Ordinary life cannot go against the law of nature whereas divine life can easily survive without any contamination and reactionary effects. The awareness of its own nature was not a strange thing, but was so natural. Awareness of the essence of Divine/True Nature was not strange because no other mixture or character could cloud this awareness.’

‘One’s True Self remains within, unattached, uncontaminated. The triple nature and the function of the gunas (qualities) cover it from the outer appearance only. This Self or life was all through aware of this fact but did not tell it to anybody because there was no such need to express this.’

‘In apparent nature this life is one with all others sharing some of their living characters but not all, because this life is aware of its True Nature which is beyond the idea of birth, death, sufferings, old age, disease etc. All these are far below the awareness of Self-Consciousness. All such experiences pertain to mind/intellect pervaded by the reflection of Self-Consciousness. Ego/mind/intellect―all these are seats of such reflection. The Real Self is the only Witness behind.’

‘Witness is Pure Consciousness, unchangeable and eternal which is the only Real Entity. Reflection is unreal because it is not pure and not independent also. Ego, mind and intellect are non-conscious, hence unreal. They borrow their light from the reflection, and the reflection borrows its light direct from the Pure Consciousness.’

‘This is the secret of Self-Awareness which the innermost essence of this life never misses or fails to recognize.’

‘There was a period when this life experienced the secret purpose of divine unfolding in the nature of yoga in all its branches such as sankhya, dhyana, raja, bhakti, laya, mantra, karma etc. The Self is the only Witness of all of them when they become activated in the life of seekers and in the light of divine.’

‘The most important thing to be noted is that this life has never experienced anything other than its own Nature of ‘Oneness of Knowledge/Knowledge of Oneness’―outwardly, inwardly or centrally under any condition of space, time, person, a complex of the relative existence.’

‘My realization of the Oneness of Self-Divine, the Reality or True Nature of ‘All Divine For All Time, As It Is’ is not a conventional one. The Supreme Divine-Self on His own accord reveals in my heart in His unique and original style, quite uncommon to others in the past and present. In and through inner-scient voice, spontaneous devotional songs and lyrics, the Supreme Divine-Self, Eternal Substratum or Ultimate Essence or Reality reveals in me at His Will. In that eternal light of divine revelation my entire nature has become thoroughly unified and identified with that Essence. What I am, is nothing but a spontaneous expression or light of ‘All Divine For All Time, As It Is’. All my power, knowledge, joy or delight, love, peace, etc. are spontaneous evolving expressions of Supreme Divine-Self Who reveals Himself at His Will as Sadguru and Supreme Divine-Mother, as well as innumerable forms of gods and goddesses and the countless living universes. Hence the Reality is that Supreme Divine Being and becoming is not distinct or separate from me, nor am I distinct or separate from that Reality. This is the ‘Knowledge of Oneness’ which is spontaneous in me without any interruption. That light of illumination has no in and out. Like all my spiritual and divine talks full of Tattva, Divine Essence, all songs and lyrics are revealed to me spontaneously. I do not have to think of them, nor do I have to assert myself for them. No self-effort is needed. During the period of inner spiritual development of my life, as various sattvic bhavas, mudras, bhav-samadhi and other samadhis of highly matured and perfect standard with long duration took place naturally, without my wishful thinking and voluntary effort, so also all my spiritual discourses are gifts of God and Guru and Divine-Mother as well, who are but the Absolute One, ever revealing to me as ‘All Divine For All Time, As It Is’.

‘This life unfolds the ‘Science of Oneness’ only to enlighten people and inspire them to be fully conscious of their True Nature and not of anything else to maintain duality in life, i.e. ignorance which compels one to undergo and remain within the cycle of repeated birth and death pertaining to relative existence. One’s True Nature is always distinct from the experience of duality by ego personality. The innerscient voice repeatedly proclaims/declares for all without exception to be conscious or aware of one’s True Nature which is homogeneous Consciousness, i.e. ‘Oneness of Knowledge/Knowledge of Oneness’.

‘Oh! Dear men, never forget that you are Knowledge Absolute and not an agent of action, not a knower and experiencer of results thereof. The agent, knower and experiencer pertain to reflection of knowledge and not to the Pure Consciousness of Self. Keep it in mind that Real-I (Absolute-I or I-Divine) cannot be an agent of action or experiencer and knower of the result. This is called Right Knowledge. When Right Knowledge is present, the all-pervading Self which is the Eternal Witness, reveals on Its own and shines without any interruptions.’

Author: Prasenjit Chandra Lahiri

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‘The Knowledge is ‘I’ and ‘I’ is Knowledge. Therefore Knowledge of Knowledge is ‘I’ of ‘I’. As Knowledge of Knowledge is the Supreme Divine Self or Godhead Absolute, so ‘I’ of ‘I’ is the Supreme Divine Self or Godhead Absolute. ‘I’ of ‘I’ is Absolute-I–– Paka Ami. Realization of Paka Ami means absolute oneness or identity of I with I-Absolute. That is to say ‘I’ with ‘I’ of I. This is the truth, beauty and goodness of realization of I-Reality.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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