Prajnanpurush Swasamvedya Swanubhavadeva Sri Sri Babathakur -compiled by: Tushar Bhattacharya

This treatise is a manual of messages of the Divine Master on Realization as it is. There are altogether twenty six chapter in the book – the first being the ‘Introduction’ of the Master by the Master Himself which is not a conventional introduction. The subsequent chapters include collected short-form messages on Guru, Science of Perfection-Absolute, Science of Oneness, Science of Acceptance, significance of Dharma, Self-Knowledge, right use of things, eligibility to go for sadhana, glorification of bhajan, necessity of having grief, food and its types, significance of worship, death, true meaning of ‘heart’, Maya and Maa, Yoga – types and applications, bondage and salvation, Divine sanction and self-effort, Me, mine and ‘I’, Knowledge, Essence of realization and perfection, life of a true knower and many others. These messages are acceptable to all as axioms and also as essence/gist of the science of realization.

The process, which the compiler has adopted in producing this absorbing title not only makes one aware of the subject matter, it also takes one to the voyage of knowing his own true identity, which is ‘All Divine, For All Time As It Is’.

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‘The truth is that–– Brahman or Atman owing to the fault of lower nature of life is mistaken to be universal appearance just as a rope is mistaken to be a snake, a pillar to be a man, a mirage to be water in the desert, a mother of pearl to be silver and imagination (mind) to be Consciousness.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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