Sambodhiparam means Supreme Wisdom or Wisdom Absolute. The treatise named as such is designed by the Divine Master to ‘unfold the secret wisdom of non-dual Reality’ through ten chapters called waves. The waves or chapters have no titles as such but each chapter has a number of sections. First wave starts with the section ‘Reality-Itself’, the second starts with ‘Two aspects of the Absolute Reality’ and so on. As the Master Himself said each of these chapters ‘is complimentary and supplementary to one another’. The original text is in Bengali. In the English translation requisite modifications, additions and classifications have been provided to make it a complete treatise. The text covers topics like nescience, illusion, action, game of duality, embodied beings, primal persons, inner nature, divine power, equanimity, renunciation, mind, vital speech, triple Guna, Self-identity, attributeless Reality, Immutable consciousness, Self-Consciousness, transcendental Knowledge, trinity principles of Darshan-Vijnan-Dharma. Five sheaths (or Koshas), form-name-idea-consciousness and many many others in a manner that can help the seekers to be thorough in the issues for performing themselves to move ahead.
At the end of the ten waves their consummation has been considered where some essential aspects have been incorporated with subtitles. In this the culminating result of monistic Vedanta unfolding the truth of non-dual Reality is presented for the perfect realization of the Divine Self-reality in life as I-Absolute.
The treatise is aptly supported by an alphabetic glossary at the end.

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‘All kinds of thought, action, preparation, desire, ambition, imagination, seeking, concentration, contemplation, meditation as well as all Sadhana, Siddhi and the rest, pertain to mind only and not to the Self or Consciousness.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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