Many speeches of Sri Sri Babathakur were recorded in writing, in audio as well as in video format. From these recording we have published booksand few audio and video CDs/DVDs. In this section we present few of the revealed songs and selected portion from His Bhashans under the Audio and Video Section. The image section hold photographs of Prajanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur grouped in four different categories. Many of the photographs are of rare kind where the Master is in Trans.

Image Gallery

The various photographs of the Master in the gallery have been grouped in four categories on the basis of the subject. Many of the photographs are of rare occasions where the Master is in Trance.

Audio Gallery

Saccidananda Society has published a good number of Audio CDs comprising the revealed spiritual discourses by the Master as well as His revealed Bhajans rendered mostly by Sri Kedar Narayan Bodas.

Video Gallery

Many video recordings of Sri Sri Babathakur delivering discourses and events on various occasions at various places have been done. It is a fortune for all lovers of truth to get to see and hear the Master.

‘He who habitually finds fault with others and not with himself makes others responsible for his miseries and all kinds of drawbacks, i.e. worldly minded people consider others to be cause and themselves to be effect. This is called delusion.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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