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The Saccidananda Society is an Institute of Supra-Culture and has been formed primarily with a view to spreading the Teachings of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur which is indicative of His dalliance in the realm of Absolute transgressing the boundaries of conventional religious precepts.

Since the formation of the Society, it has been engaged in collection and publication of the ‘Revelations’ of the Master through various media like printing, DVD’s, Audio CD’s, and TV Broadcasts. These include His discourses and revealed Bhajans. A bilingual (Bengali and English) quarterly is also brought out by the Society primarily to spread His messages. Satsang programmes are organized in India as also abroad as a part of this process.

Through this website Saccidananda Society humbly presents the large repository of Revealed words of Truth, as revealed to the Master before you, for your own use.

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'The background is infinite, eternal, non-dual and ever transcendental while the foreground is diversified, contradictory, imaginary, illusory, hence unsubstantial. '

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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