Your house to be Ashram
Your body to be temple
Your mind to be priest
Your Self to be Ishta
Wisdom to be your Realization’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

Sri Sri Babathakur’s Teachings

Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur was not a conventional spiritual Teacher-Guru-as people would like to formally label. But surely He was the inspirational teacher of the highest genre advising ways to be followed to attain the state of ‘I-Reality’ when one would discover one’s identity with Reality Absolute. This is Realization which He told as the ‘Knowledge of Knowledge’ in essence.

He insisted that one should acquire the right to know one’s identity and to get that right one should be worthy of it which in turn comes through experience. He had repeatedly declared that education is the most fundamental thing in one´s life-whatever be the life one leads and this education is not the one we get in schools and colleges these days-it must be a true education which gives one peace and guides one towards the understanding that ‘I’ i.e., Self alone exists which is identified with everything else as well’. He said, ‘perfection is already there in you, what you have to do is unveil the superimposed covering of the Truth´. He firmly asserted, ‘Enlighten yourself with light of Oneness and gradually you will be illuminated’. He asked us to surrender saying, ‘Surrender perfectly and completely’. To surrender perfectly means to accept all as One unconditionally. His advice to all is, ‘Knock, knock the heart door, the door will open and all diversities will disappear with the dawn of Self-knowledge’. His one very striking teaching is-‘Make all negative into all positive’. About education He said that ‘it is to uncover the inmost light and remove the darkness of ignorance’. He said, ‘Pray to Him, “Please make me thine”, so that the individual can merge into His universal and transcendental nature’.

Sri Sri Babathakur did not straightway teach things like a teacher. He only presented His realized truth that covered almost all aspects of common human life and a commoner can very well accept His sayings to suit his/her style of life but gradually turning it towards the same discovery : ‘I-Reality’.

‘I-Reality is

- the Self to all

- the witness to all

- the Oneness to all

- the presence to all

- the ownness to all

- the alpha and omega of all

- the truth of all

- the light of all

- the reality of all

- the essence of all

- the background of all

- the quintessence of all

- the eternal presence

- the divinity of the Divine

- the Knowledge of Knowledge

- the realization of life and the rest

- the immortality and the freedom of all

- the Saccidananda Absolute.’

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