Sri Sri Babathakur rarely had any formal education. He was born in a Bengali family and His mother tongue was Bengali. Almost all the revelations, be it discourses, conversations or revealed Bhajans, were in Bengali. However, on many occasions when He was addressing a gathering of non-Bengali individuals or meeting them He spoke in English or in Hindi. His speeches were recorded in writing, in audio as well as in video format. From these recording we have published books in Bengali as well as in English and Hindi. We are also contemplating English and Hindi translation of His sayings for publication. We have published few audio and video CDs/DVDs. A spiritual bilingual (Bengali & English) quarterly titled ‘Sri Sanai’ has been being published since 1986. A blog named e-Sanai is being published four times a year.


Sri Sanai is a bilingual (Bengali & English) quarterly magazine published by Saccidananda Society conveying primarily the message of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur.


From the invaluable reservoir of the words of the Master which were recorded in various Bhashans and discourses we could publish 48 titles so far in Bengali, English and Hindi languages.


Saccidananda Society has published a good number of Audio CDs comprising the revealed discourses by the Master as well as His revealed Bhajans rendered mostly by Sri Kedar Narayan Bodas.


Many video recordings of Sri Sri Babathakur delivering discourses and events on various occasions and at various places have been done. A few of these are made available so far.

'The Sportful dramatic sameside game of Self-Consciousness' in the nature of life is ever new and the greatest wonder, the wonder of all wonders. Hence it is evident that, all living beings are characterized by predominating Prana, man by predominating mind, Devas (celestial beings) by predominating intellect, Ishwara by predominating super-intellect and Brahman-Atman is characterized by Consciousness Absolute (Sambodhiparam)-- Knowledge of Knowledge which is 'All Divine for all Time, as It Is'.

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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