The Reading Room provides avenue for the visitors to read/study Master´s original message in installments to enlighten them. The contents are extracts from various publications of Saccidananda Society in different languages – English, Bengali and Hindi and to facilitate selective reading, we are presenting three different sections accordingly.

We hope this will arouse interests among the readers and they will introspect on these `words´ since these are revealed in a Realized Personage of the highest order and presented by the Society as it is without any change or modification.

‘The ever-revealing nature of I-Reality take the form of life as a medium for Its own sake. In and through this life I-Reality spontaneously reveals and unfolds Itself with all Its truth, light, bliss, love, peace, beauty and the rest. There is no end of Its revelations. Innumerable creations are like divine beads in a garland and I-Reality is the eternal string without which no bead like creation can exist and expand.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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