Swabodh O Swabhaver Parichay

This treatise contains the collection of the essays published by the same name serially in the quarterly magazine Sri Sanai. It is not divided chapterwise nor does it have many sectional titles. It essentially provides the concept of self-perception and consciousness as well as ideas and nature of individuals. In the process many related topics have been covered to give the readers thorough understanding of human nature and consciousness of the self.

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‘ ‘I’ is both existence and consciousness, hence it is said, I exist as I know and I know as I exist. They are one in two and two in one which unfolds itself as Ananda or Bliss. These three together constitute Saccidananda I-Reality which reveals Itself as Being and becoming i.e., life and the rest. That is why it is said that life is a medium or instrument of Saccidananda I-Reality for Its ‘sportful dramatic sameside game of Self Consciousness.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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