Swabodh O Swabhaver Parichay

This treatise contains the collection of the essays published by the same name serially in the quarterly magazine Sri Sanai. It is not divided chapterwise nor does it have many sectional titles. It essentially provides the concept of self-perception and consciousness as well as ideas and nature of individuals. In the process many related topics have been covered to give the readers thorough understanding of human nature and consciousness of the self.

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'The ever-revealing nature of I-Reality take the form of life as a medium for Its own sake. In and through this life I-Reality spontaneously reveals and unfolds Itself with all Its truth, light, bliss, love, peace, beauty and the rest. There is no end of Its revelations. Innumerable creations are like divine beads in a garland and I-Reality is the eternal string without which no bead like creation can exist and expand.'

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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