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Most of the books published by the Society are in Bengali. Titles such as Viveksiddhi, Gurutattva Gurubad Gurubani (Vol. I & II), Tattvalok, Swajnanugrahasudha, Paka Aami O Kancha Aami, Atmasutra (Vol. I & II), Smritigantha (Vol. I & II), and Pariciti are noteworthy among many others. Apart from the eternal teachings and messages of the Divine Master some of these books are kind of biography / memoirs about the Master e.g., Smritigantha and Pariciti.

Gurutatva Vol-I
Gurutattva Guruvad Guruvani (Vol. 1)

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Ontological aspect of Guruhood (Gurutattva) is the essential truth about Brahma, Atma and God—this is the Reality. True Guru is basically the manifested (embodied) representative of the Absolute Brahma—such as an Avatar, a realized soul. The doctrine that is established from Gurutattva through the practice of realized divine spiritual science is called Guruvad and Gurubani is that through which Guruvad becomes effectual. The worded presentation of the eternal truth by the realizer Guru is Guruvani. Guruvani is the science of unfoldment of Gurutattva and Guruvad.
It is the Guru who transforms the insignificance to abundance, ignorance to knowledge, diversity to unity and death to immortality. This difficult tattva (ontology) has been elaborated over the five chapters of the treatise where glory of the grace of the Guru has been involved in the closing pages.

Price: Rs.300.00

15) Gurutattva, Guruvad, Guruvani Vol -II - Copy
Gurutattva Guruvad Guruvani (Vol. 2)

Pages : 348 + 76 Price 300/-

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It is a voluminous treatise consisting of fourteen chapters over three hundred forty eight pages where the Divine Master has, at length, given a detailed analysis of Guru— His essence and message. This is in fact the complimentary volume of volume I. The text of the treatise is preceded by some initial page covering the worship of Dakshinamurti Guru, solution of the queries in life, fictional presentations of individual immutable Self Supreme in manifestation moods, and the analysis of the Science of Guruhood.
Each chapter has titled subsections where presentation of the Master’s viewpoint on the topic is done in a short yet explicit form as culled by Srimati Bani Chakraborty who compiled the materials and did the rest as well to publish the treatise. Some topics may be quoted as : Influence of Satsang, spiritual Sadhana does not become fruitful without listening over and over again, the identity and distinction of Sadguru, the principles/essence of life and death. Atmaguru is there everywhere eternally present at all levels etc. Sri Sri Babathakur has explicitly specified that grace of Guru does not descend on the ungrateful ones. Doctrine of Guru is a deep and wide Tattva, Sri Sri Babathakur has gone into every aspect of it and solved all controversies existing with such a doctrine to give clear and distinct picture of the one of the greatest side of Sanatan Dharma.

Price: Rs.300.00

17) Swanubhabasudha - Copy
Swanubhavasudha (Vol-II)

Tags: Bengali

The songs revealed to Sri Sri Babathakur in divine mood which are compiled in Swanubhavasudha Part II are similar to those included in Part I. This compilation, based on the essence of Truth, has 962 songs. As the deliberations of the Divine Master are self-evident, spontaneous, eternally unitarian so also are His revealed songs which are expressions both in words and music of eternal essence and this treatise is an impeccable collection of some such songs. These are songs revealed with a balanced blend of mysticism and ontological truth. Each song has been compiled mentioning its tune, rhyme and rhythm as also the date and time of its revelation. The compilation starts with invocation to the Divine Mother and the songs are fully bloomed revealing the Absolute Truth.

Price: Rs.175.00

19) Swaghanugrahasudha 1 - Copy
Swajnanugrahasudha (Vol-I)

Tags: Bengali

This treatise is divided into two parts incorporating discussion and ascertainment of the science of religious endeavour, intuition and accomplishment. The first part of the treatise dwells on the various aspects of yoga, the second on the aspects of divine knowledge. The science of austere religious introspection has been widely covered in the book including significance of Yoga, Guru, diversity and non-duality etc. Likewise, it also covers divine grace and its power, philosophical and mundane aspects of sorrow and happiness, freedom from bondage, science of life at different periods of four mythological aeons etc. The treatise also establishes the fact that peace and bliss a man enjoys are self evident and spontaneous. Unfoldment of self-perception and self-knowledge also forms the subject matter of the book.

Price: Rs.45.00

10) Swaghanugrahasudha 2 - Copy
Swajnanugrahasudha (Vol-II)

Tags: Bengali

The second volume of Swajnanugrahasudha is compiled in two parts—in question-answer pattern. In the first part ontological concept of Guru, the desirable aspects of having a spiritual teacher, the spiritual exercise relating to the understanding of the essence of Brahman-Atman and attainment therefrom have been discussed whereas the second part contains spiritual endeavour of one who is a self-realizer himself and eternally unitarian as also his attainment.

Questions came up on topics like mind, grace, perception, self and self-Absolute, religion, essence and Truth, tradition and other subjects beyond mundane concepts. Sri Sri Babathakur answered with perspicuity and lucidity in His unconventional characteristic way. At different stages of spiritual pursuit questions of various types may arise in the mind of the seeker, the answers to such aberrations are found in this treatise.

Price: Rs.75.00

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‘He who wants to kill himself, a pin is enough for the purpose but to kill a lot of people sufficient weapons are needed. Similarly, to realize who am I, self conscious awareness is enough but for the realization of the truth of entire universe and the beyond, consciousness of the oneness of Brahman and Atman and vice-versa, is a must.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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