Atmasutra (Vol. I)

Eighteen ambrosial deliberations of Sri Sri Babathakur have been collected and compiled to produce this treatise. The chapters named ‘Chayan’ (selection) are untitled and there are no sections or sectional titles of the chapters. The chapters cover various topics such as science of idea and consciousness, ways to attain liberation and peace, doctrines of Guru, Essence of Self, Self-Knowledge, identity of and the path shown by the Sadguru, doctrine of four, science of right use, experience, eligibility and right, sense of sorrow and bliss, science of indivisible truth, science of acceptance and surrender, doctrine of individual, universal, central and transcendental, form of and truth about education, doctrine of non-duality and many more things. There are quite a few anecdotes for the listeners/readers to capture the spirit with which the deliberations are made. He has given many big things in small phrases such as ‘dharma is a part of righteousness’, ‘bhajan is the best Sadhana in the present era’, and so on.

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‘Spiritual science is the right use of awareness together with the action or work to be done for the particular purpose in order to adjust and accommodate the inner and the outer need for the success thereof.

  • More of commercial indicates less of devotional and more of devotional indicates less of commercial.
  • More of material indicates less of spiritual and divine, and more of spiritual and divine indicates less of material.
  • More of object indicates less of subject while more of subject indicates less of object.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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