Revealed Bhajans

The revealed songs of the Divine Master are essentially the formulae of His realized truth deliberated by Him. Though the lyrics often have names of Godheads appearing serially, these are quoted with the perception of an undifferentiated Self as pointed out by Sri Sri Babathakur Himself.

Bhajans were revealed with Lyrics, Ragas, Taal and Laya spontaneously and all these lyrics, as are seen, are revelation of the undifferentiated and undivided representation of Brahman, God, Self.

Sat-Vilas (Vol-I to III)

Tags: Bengali

Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur’s revealed bhajans effortlessly expose the listeners to their all perfect Divine Nature, which generally remains concealed by self-generated lower nature. These songs not only unveil ignorance but also reveal the true nature of Divine Self.

Listen to these songs to have a direct experience of Self-realization, which is beyond the comprehension of mind and words.

Cit-Vilas (Vol-I to III)

Tags: Bengali

Sri Sri Babathakur’s direct experience and His union with the Absolute I-Reality find expression in His innumerable revealed songs.

The song offerings in this Audio CD sung by Sri Kedar Narayan Bodas provide an ecstatic listening experience. Divine songs will help one realize the illusion of the sense-perceived world and remove the veil of ignorance that hinders Self-realization.

Ananda-Vilas (Vol-I to IV)

Tags: Bengali

Ananda-Swarup or Bliss Absolute, the self-effulgent Ultimate Reality, is the only attainable goal of man and none but a Realizer can ever be in union with the taintless, secondless and partless Absolute I-Reality. Such a Realizer is Sri Sri Babathakur whose direct experience of being ever established in the Saccidananda Absolute finds expression in His innumerable revealed songs.

This album of revealed songs of Sri Sri Babathakur sung by Sri Kedar Narayan Bodas is a collector’s item, and the devotional songs contained therein mark unique example of gracious union of assiduity, excellence and devotion.

Sambodhi (Vol-I to III)

Tags: Bengali

To grasp the secondlessness of Absolute I-Reality, which is the embodiment of Sat, Cit and Ananda, is the ultimate goal of a man. This CD contains a collection of revealed bhajans of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur rendered by Kedar Narayan Bodas.

Bodas’s mellifluous voice demonstrates a unique blending of devotion with emotion in these revealed songs—songs that help you realize your true Self, songs that are cries of the soul, songs that you can even touch.

Main Kaun

Tags: Hindi

Spontaneous revelations of songs, ready for rendition, complete with lyrics, sur, taal, laya and chhanda, without any music director, lyricist and composer, is a very unique and unprecedented phenomenon with Sri Sri Babathakur. Hundreds of such songs have gushed out on their own from the deepest recess of His Heart immediately after prolonged trances. Each of such songs presents the total science of the supreme truth of I-Reality in a very unique and original fashion.

A few of such songs have been rendered by Kedar Narayan Bodas in this musical album.

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‘The Knowledge is ‘I’ and ‘I’ is Knowledge. Therefore Knowledge of Knowledge is ‘I’ of ‘I’. As Knowledge of Knowledge is the Supreme Divine Self or Godhead Absolute, so ‘I’ of ‘I’ is the Supreme Divine Self or Godhead Absolute. ‘I’ of ‘I’ is Absolute-I–– Paka Ami. Realization of Paka Ami means absolute oneness or identity of I with I-Absolute. That is to say ‘I’ with ‘I’ of I. This is the truth, beauty and goodness of realization of I-Reality.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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