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There are twelve English titles published by the Society so far. These treatises contain Supreme Wisdom revealed to and unfolded by Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur. There is another publication titled Dictionary, which is unique since it contains glossary of non-English words used in the books.

Sanai Tattva

Hard bound, 356 pages, 51/2" x 81/2"

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The essence, significance and implied meaning of the word Sanai have been explained in this book in the light of the direct realization of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur. This has been done from five different viewpoints ultimately leading to five Tattvas (essence), the names of which have evolved from the word Sanai – an Indian musical instrument. The Tattvas stem from the concept that this Sanai is the seeker and the realizer himself. Sri Sri Babathakur is thus this Sanai played by the Supreme Being. Sanai Tattva is basically a treatise on the idea of realization of the Supreme Being. The five Tattvas are presented in this book in five aspects, each covering a chapter and having the same essence i.e., Knowledge of Oneness.

Price: Rs.110.00

Daiva and Purushakar

Hard bound, 204 pages, 51/2" x 81/2"

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Daiva and Purushakar (destiny and self effort) apparently two different principles guiding the course of an individual’s life, have been shown to be no different at all by Sri Sri Babathakur. He emphasizes that Purushakar is the active nature of Daiva. Supreme destiny or ruling power of Self-Divine which plays the life-game through Divine Will manifests both Daiva and Purushakar.
While accomplishing the identity of the two principles Sri Sri Babathakur elaborates the two principles distinctively in 14 chapters of the book. Daiva, He says, is the effect of past lives, which is the cause of the present life and Purushakar.

Price: Rs.60.00

Science of Oneness

Hard bound, 172 pages, 51/2" x 81/2"

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This book is a compilation of four speeches of Sri Sri Babathakur delivered before a congregation of scientists and intellectuals. The concept of ‘Science of Oneness’ signifies the unity of man, universe and God for which various aspects of man universe and God have been discussed. The aspects include Being and becoming, Science of Knowledge, Sat-Cit-Ananda, subjective and objective understanding, necessity of having a Guru and many more. Over the deliberations He has elaborated on Oneness of God, right knowledge, two fold nature of man-material and divine, formulae of 7 and 9, fourfold aspects of science, formula of sixfold ‘L’, spiritual discipline, secret of Wisdom and many other related topics. The identity between Jiva and Brahman has been established by the Divine Master and diversity has been given new interpretation.

Price: Rs.250.00

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Nectar of Wisdom

Hard bound, 446 pages, 7" x 9"

Tags: Compilation,English

This book contains materials compiled from the discourses of the Divine Master Sri Sri Babathakur at different times and occasion. The presentation is mostly in the form of a diary. The Master says that four stages of divine manifestations – blessings, mercy, compassion and grace, are realized in life chronologically through Sadhana. He has prescribed means to restore faith and devotion in God or True Self. He ordains that man gradually moves from a gross state to subtlemost state with mental development – when one knows the self he knows all. It is the ultimate Reality. He emphasizes that one needs to identify himself with Supreme Knowledge.

Price: Rs.175.00

Knowledge of Knowledge (Vol. I)

Hard bound, 384 Pages, 7" x 9"

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The content of the book is covered in twenty chapters conveying the knowledge that is Absolute. Sri Sri Babathakur describes the true nature of Self – answer to the eternal question ‘Who am I’? Proceeding further He gives discourses on the process of Self-realization. In this book Knowledge Absolute, Jnan-Vijnan-Prajnan, realization and Self-realization, Atmajignasa, Bhakti-Bhakta-Bhajan and many other such topics have received in-depth systematic analysis with their correlation, identification and appreciation.

Knowledge of Knowledge is essentially the Supreme source of knowledge and in this treatise the Master concludes that philosophy, science and religion and their perfect combination lead to supreme Siddhi in the Sadhana of a man.

Price: Rs.350.00

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‘ ‘I’ is both existence and consciousness, hence it is said, I exist as I know and I know as I exist. They are one in two and two in one which unfolds itself as Ananda or Bliss. These three together constitute Saccidananda I-Reality which reveals Itself as Being and becoming i.e., life and the rest. That is why it is said that life is a medium or instrument of Saccidananda I-Reality for Its ‘sportful dramatic sameside game of Self Consciousness.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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