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12-25-2014 Emblem of Saccidananda Society

The emblem consists of (i) three outer circles; (ii) three squares within; (iii) inside the small square exists one circle; (iv) two equilateral triangles, one superimposed on the other with opposite vertices; (v) there are two more concentric circles, the inner one appearing as a wheel with eight spokes radiating from a circle circumscribing the […]

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12-11-2014 Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur

To venture, even to attempt, to make a sketch of a perfect divine omniscient Master like Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur would only be a rendition of ignorance, since qualifications or attribution of any kind would be tantamount to objectivising the subject itself, limiting the infinite, dividing the firmament and the like, and would be in […]

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10-23-2014 Blessing, Deepavali 2014

Blessing— ‘Oh Saccidanandamoyee Divine Mother! Thou art all Power, All Knowledge, All Bliss, All Love and Peace Infinite. Thy children are we all Please save us all from all evil, All misery, desire, fear and care. Be propitious to us and shower Thy Love, Grace and Blessing, To be one with Thee, And realize our eternal Oneness.’ […]

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10-23-2014 Our Website is updated

We are glad to bring to your notice that our website is now largely updated. This update will enable us to post content more regularly and in a way present a more interactive environment. New/improved sections included are Video Gallery, Audio Gallery, Blog, Commenting Systems etc. All the Publication categories i.e. Books, Audio, Video and […]

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10-22-2014 Invitation of the Program on 14-15 Nov, 2014

Dear Devotee, The fifth anniversary of the departure of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur from His mundane life, as per lunar calendar, will be commemorated on November 15, 2014 at Kolkata and New Delhi. On this occasion a Satsang will be held and a DVD presentation of discourse of Sri Sri Babathakur will be made at […]

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'Saccidananda power is that all-divine power which manifests Itself very scientifically, methodically and in a successive order with a view to unfolding the true or divine nature of the I-Reality. It unfolds and follows two paradoxically opposite courses, namely involution and evolution. In and through the former course It descends from the all-knowing I-Self nature to absolute ignorance, the non-self nature, willfully and very carefully hiding or covering Its true nature.'

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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