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Most of the books published by the Society are in Bengali. Titles such as Viveksiddhi, Gurutattva Gurubad Gurubani (Vol. I & II), Tattvalok, Swajnanugrahasudha, Paka Aami O Kancha Aami, Atmasutra (Vol. I & II), Smritigantha (Vol. I & II), and Pariciti are noteworthy among many others. Apart from the eternal teachings and messages of the Divine Master some of these books are kind of biography / memoirs about the Master e.g., Smritigantha and Pariciti.


Pages : 124 Price 80/-

Tags: Bengali,Memoir

It is intended to give an introduction of the Divine Master, Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur, specially of His spiritual journey (in part), and of Himself as a seeker realizer. Srimati Bani Chakarborty, His ardent devotee and constant waiting-upon gave this introduction in ‘Swanubhavasudha’ a treatise published more than thirty years back. In this the readers will get a very brief summary of the Master’s transformation as also His proclamation on the non-dual identity of the Human self. It also contains some brushing anecdotes of the day-to-day mundane life process of the Master which effectively revealed His spiritual identity.

Price: Rs.80.00

Atmasutra Vol-I
Atmasutra (Vol. I)

Pages : 154 + 9 Price 200/-

Tags: Bengali

Eighteen ambrosial deliberations of Sri Sri Babathakur have been collected and compiled to produce this treatise. The chapters named ‘Chayan’ (selection) are untitled and there are no sections or sectional titles of the chapters. The chapters cover various topics such as science of idea and consciousness, ways to attain liberation and peace, doctrines of Guru, Essence of Self, Self-Knowledge, identity of and the path shown by the Sadguru, doctrine of four, science of right use, experience, eligibility and right, sense of sorrow and bliss, science of indivisible truth, science of acceptance and surrender, doctrine of individual, universal, central and transcendental, form of and truth about education, doctrine of non-duality and many more things. There are quite a few anecdotes for the listeners/readers to capture the spirit with which the deliberations are made. He has given many big things in small phrases such as ‘dharma is a part of righteousness’, ‘bhajan is the best Sadhana in the present era’, and so on.

Price: Rs.200.00

Atmasutra Vol-II
Atmasutra (Vol. II)

Tags: Bengali

This is the second volume of Atmasutra. This volume contains twenty two discourses of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur delivered in the year 1969 at the residence of Nani Coomar Chakravarti at Fern Road, Kolkata.

Like the previous volume, in this volume also the Master has expounded various subtle religious, philosophical aspects all from the standpoint of non-dual principle, which He has distinctly realized as I-Reality.

Price: Rs.200.00

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‘The whole universe as it appears is verily revealed by the Self and none but the Self alone is in the Self, of the Self, from the Self, for the Self, by the Self, with the Self, to the Self, on the Self forever as it were. Consciousness or Bliss or ‘I’ may be put or applied in place of Self.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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