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Most of the books published by the Society are in Bengali. Titles such as Viveksiddhi, Gurutattva Gurubad Gurubani (Vol. I & II), Tattvalok, Swajnanugrahasudha, Paka Aami O Kancha Aami, Atmasutra (Vol. I & II), Smritigantha (Vol. I & II), and Pariciti are noteworthy among many others. Apart from the eternal teachings and messages of the Divine Master some of these books are kind of biography / memoirs about the Master e.g., Smritigantha and Pariciti.


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The booklet Aptavakya is compilation of the few collected eternal messages from the Self-knower, Self realizer Sri Sri Babathakur. Each message is full of the spirit of perception of truth, exudation of the spontaneous flow of speech from His lotus lips.

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In the deliberation of omniscient Self-realizer Sri Sri Babathakur on the Science of self realization ontological messages are aplenty. This booklet Divyavani is just a small compilation of some such messages. These messages bring spontaneity in the spirit of the readers and they are then inclined to know their real Self.

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Golpe aatma vidya (I)
Galpe Atmavidya (Vol-I)

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When a perfectly enlightened self-realizer unfolds the realized Truth (tattva) then most of it becomes unintelligible to the common listeners. Sri Sri Babathakur has taken an easier path by unfolding such Truth Absolute through story-telling and then things became acceptable to the people at large. There are altogether 202 stories all of which are enriched with innate tattva. While telling the stories the Divine Master brought in sematic, common tales, maxims, fables and mythology to advantage.

It is easy to put tattva in ontological theses but to make things easier to the readers Sri Sri Babathakur made them wrapped up in stories and anecdotes. Reading of such a book is a rare experience and its appeal to the reader is universal.

Price: Rs.250.00

Golpe aatma vidya (II)
Galpe Atmavidya (Vol-II)

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177 stories are included in the volume of ‘Galpe Atmavidya (Part II)’. Most of these episodes are Sri Sri Babathakur’s own creative compositions, which are wonderfully told by Him. Besides, there are others picked up from Smriti, Sruti, Puranas, Upanishads, Panchatantra, Aesop’s fables, folklore and also from the present society which have been retold in His own captivating and elegant style. Through such fables and anecdotes tattva has unfolded itself in harmony with the story-telling. In the beginning and at the end of each story Sri Sri Babathakur has briefly discussed about the essence of the tattva incorporated in it. The treatise is just not a collection of stories as such or episodes to convey the spiritual principles, this is a volume that teaches one to learn how to live.

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21se Vadra 6oi Agrahayan
21 Bhadra 1409, 6 Agrahayan 1410

Pages : 73 Price 15/-

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This is a collection of speeches delivered by Acharya Dhyanesh Narayan Chakraborty and Sri Mahanta Vrindavandasji along with the revealed deliberation of Sri Sri Babathakur on the occasion of two Satsangs (spiritual interactive gathering) held on the dates mentioned in Nehru Children’s Museum (21 Bhadra) and Kalakunj (6 Agrahyana).

Acharya Dhyanesh Narayan Chakraborty mentioned that Sri Sri Babathakur’s collected works are like the Vedas — not written or spoken by human beings. On the other occasion Mahanta Vrindavandasji released the second volume of ‘Gurutattva, Guruvad, Guruvani’ and pointed out the importance of such a treatise in the lives of the present-day people of the world. Sri Sri Babathakur has stressed upon the fact that one needs to discover oneself. He said that the ultimate of the Vedanta is Self-realization. On the second occasion the Prajnanpurush elaborated on the essence of Guruhood. He talked on the practice of common humans to receive the Grace of the Guru and said very clearly who real Guru is.

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‘Material science is the culture of duality, diversity, plurality and relativity which verily pertain to non-Self with the Real Self lying behind in the background as the all-pervading truth or underlying essence. Non-Self for its existence has always the Real Self as the background or substratum.’

- Sri Sri Babathakur

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